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For support relating to any of the products from Alex Goodall, including

Please send an email to

Support Desk

.... before raising a support ticket


This page will help you solve the most common problems without needing to raise a support ticket. Please check below, and if nothing here helps, use the link at the end of this page.

Password & Login Problems

I have lost my password / I did not receive an email with my password

If you cannot find the email(s) with your login details in your spam/junk folder...

For the InternetProfessionals.co site: use this retrieve lost password facility

For the IMI Organizer / IM Index - if you purchased via JVZoo  -
You need to access the product in the
InternetProfessionals.co site. See above of password problems.

Index.com membership access: use this retrieve lost password facility

I don't know where my login page is

For InternetProfessionals.co  it is  http://www.internetprofessionals.co/member-login

Here is a list of the relevant login pages for IM-Index.com

Download/Installation Problems (IMI Organizer)

I downloaded an installer but when I run it, it seems to be corruptt

If you know how big the installer is, check to see whether the file you downloaded is the right size: it's probable that the download never completed.

Try downloading again. If you keep getting problems, try using this utility. There is a free trial.

I downloaded an installer, but when I run it I get a message telling me I don't have permission to access the item

This could be cause by a number of issues:

  • If you are not an administrator on your computer, try running the file as an administrator

  • If you use Kaspersky Internet Security, do this::

In System Security > Application Filtering, switched OFF Filtering via Settings

Coupon Problems (IMI Organizer)

I am entering a coupon to get a discount, but the price is not changingg

If you don't get any message and the price remains the same, then you've probably forgotten to press the Update form button.

Using/Installing the IMI Organizer

Can I run the IMI Organizer on a Mac? Can I install the folders from a zip file?

The installer for the IMI Organizer products will not run on Macs.

Installation using zip files is not possible because updates, upgrades and running of DAO Installers would not be possible via that mechanism.

Can I move my IMI Organizer to a new location, such as an external drive?

Yes. Do the following:

1) Locate your IM-Index folder and move it - and everything within it - to the new location.  There is nothing to uninstall.

We recommend placing it at the highest level of a drive, e.g. C:\IM-Index or E:\IM-Index to minimise the likelihood of path names becoming too long.

2) If you have any shortcuts to the Mind Map (for the Map or PRO editions only) on your desktop or elsewhere, you will need to re-create these.

The file you need to create a shortcut to is either IM-Index-Organizer-Map.mmap  or IM-Index-Organizer-PRO.mmap. This is in the IM-Index folder that you just moved.

The links in my map are broken. HELP!

If ALL the links seem to be broken, there are two possible causes:

1) The most likely reason is that you are openning the map from OUTSIDE the folder structure. Since the links in the map are all relative, this will result in all links appearing broken.

It is fine to create a SHORTCUT to the map and move the shortcut outside the folders, but you cannot take a COPY of the map and run it outside the folders.

2) Much less likely: If you have bought the full Mind Manager software and opened the map using that, you would have got a prompt to update all links. If you clicked "yes" to that you broke them all!

Re-download the relevant version of the IMI Organizer and install into a separate location. Copy the .mmap file from new installation into your original installation and delete the new installation.

If SOME of the links are broken::

You probably renamed and moved one or more folder/file. You will need to fix those individual folders/files.

My hard-drive crashed and I need to restore my backup. What should I do?

You need to do one or two things:

1) Restore the IM-Index folder

2) If you own either IMI Organizer Map or IMI Organizer PRO (i.e. if you access your folders via a mind map), you need to re-install the Mind Map Viewer. You can download a separate installer for that from the download page in your members area.

I accidentally deleted a file/folder that came with IMI Organizer. How can I recover it?

Install IMI Organizer (whichever edition you have) again, but into a different location from your original installation. (If you need to, re-download the relevant setup file from your members area.)

Then copy the deleted/missing file or folder from the new installation into your original installation, and delete the new installation.

DAO Installers

I'm running an earlier DAO Installer that gives me the message: "The directory you selected does not contain a valid IM Index V2.2 or later folder structure. Please select another!" What should I do?

The earlier DAOs are not compatible with V3. However, you can get round this as follows.

Within your IM-Index folders, move the folder "Download" Records from:

IM-Index\Content Management\Download Records


IM-Index\Download Records

Then install all your earlier (V2) DAOs.

Then restore the folder to its original place..


If you have not received your password emails, and the password retrieval system does not appear to send you an email, it is very likely that your ISP is not allowing our emails through.

This means you will probably not see any email messages from our Support Desk - so PLEASE CHECK BACK TO SEE IF THERE ARE ANY REPLIES. One of the points of using a Support Desk is that we can communicate without needing to rely on emails.

 Open a support ticket and we will do our best to help you.